Vampires and Quantum Physics

Vampires And Psychic Vampires

Yes Vampires exist! The new Age of Aquarius with it’s new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics has blown the lid off the box containing all the secrets of the Universe.

The biggest secret is that there actually are no secrets.

The Vampires are an age old question of “the chicken or the egg.”

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that everything that was, is or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean. The Quantum Ocean is an infinite Ocean of thinking. Intelligent energy. There is not time there, nor space there.

It is an infinite, timeless, space-less point where you, I, the Universe and everything exists. It is the Mind of God.

What humans see in their individual and collective realities are energy filled blueprints or matrices.

Inside the Mind of God, which can be considered the total set of energy, are millions and millions of sub sets of energy. Forgive me I am a mathematician.

A great deal of these subsets are Divine blueprints such as a man, a woman, a horse, a tree etc.

There are also a great many blueprints that are not Divine but man made. Things like Disease, war, poverty, hate, etc.

Now here is the conundrum: are Vampires a Divine Blueprint with some special purpose on the planet? Or are they man-made blueprints, created from the depths of darkness from the mind of man?

While you are making up your mind, here is an interesting idea for you to ponder. It is said that nasty stinging insects like hornets, mosquitoes and wasps are not created from a Divine Blueprint but from the negative thoughts and emotions of man.

Thoughts create!

If no stories existed, such as Bram Stoker’s, “Dracula” and no body knew or thought about Vampires there would be none.

Instead give Vampires no attention and no thought what so ever. This would cause them to disappear. People who watch movies and TV series depicting Vampires of all kinds; are helping to create Vampires by the thousands. This is how the Laws of Quantum Physics works.

Whether they have actually manifested in the large cities or not is a question mark. But they will! For God’s sake,(any God you choose) stop your children from watching these movies and TV shows.


Another Law of Spiritual Quantum Physics is this:

Where you place your attention, your energy flows and you attract to you what you place your attention on. Wake up people!

But there is even a much more common vampire running rampant in the big cities, than the blood sucking “Bela Lugosi” archetype. It is the “Psychic” Vampire: and they do not drink your blood, but they suck your life force.

The problem is that you cannot tell them from their physical appearance. For all outward appearance, they look like a normal person, not needing fangs nor cape.

But you can tell them by the way they make you feel. Innocently sitting or standing next to a Psychic Vampire in a crowded train, movie, mall, disco or club you will feel yourself getting tired, drained and depressed. They may even come in the guise of a quote un quote well meaning friend.

Mean while he/she is drawing your life force out of you and lapping it up with gusto. That’s what they feed on life force.

If the truth be told, real Vampires drink your blood for the same effect, to get your life force.

What can you do about Psychic Vampires in the crowded cities, movies, malls, concerts, discos and even public school systems?

Stay away from them!

But like Ernest Hemingway once said, “You shouldn’t write about anything you have not experience yourself”.

So I am here to tell you, I HAVE EXPERIENCED Psychic Vampires. When I lived in New York City, I took the crowded Subway to work every morning.

It was a Zoo! Thousands of people crammed into trains on their way to work or where ever.

At the time I was studying with a spiritual master and my psychic abilities were just awakening.

The first few times, as I rushed to squeeze into one of the overcrowded cars, I could just get a glimpse of dark floating shadows.

As soon as my abilities increased I could distinctly make them out. Dark monstrous shapes that arose from some of the people in the crowd.

They flitted from person to person harvesting the life force, much like a bee does with flowers but for a much darker unnatural purpose.

This is the time between the shifting of two Ages. The Age of Pisces with all it’s Vampires and Psychic Vampires and the New Age of Aquarius with its pristine clear energy.

Stop reading, viewing movies and TV programs about Vampires. Don t bring them into our new Age with your thoughts.

If we will all stop thinking about them they will evaporate drifting back into the Quantum Ocean and reside there in the dankness.

If you would like more information about psychic vampires you can email me.

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