Surface Science Engineering

Surface engineering is charismatically growing and highly acceptable science by a modern society. Few examples of such surface engineering are being commercially used in painting, designing, coloring, inks, interior house engineering.

The most attractive practice of surface science is noted in incarving few structures on human body surface like tattoo and several other designs are being frequently noted on the body surfaces. Increasing trends of such practices in society, especially among young generation, infer that the surface engineering has become a source of pleasure and satisfaction.

Probably there are many contributing factors for popularization of surface sciences. Number one factor is that the best and beautiful surfaces are freely available either with human body or within approachable resources without any pre-requist treatment. The desired designing could be made.

The number two is that the surfaces are most visible either to a beneficiary or user of such sciences or to protect the outer surface of the objects.

So investments to be made on such actions are quickly noticed and displayed. So these factors are contributory to other inventions like visionmeter, econoburette, survismeter, by man singh.

These are highly useful for materials to be used for surface engineering at microscale with a green chemistry approach. However the tattoos etc on human skin leave some unwanted effects despite of claims to be highly biocompatible in action mechansim.

Even for surface science point of view, the skin has its own dynamics for maintaining equilibrium between surfaces outside skin and inside skin.

This remains natural process but when an additional load is given to the skin surface then perhaps some additional thermodynamics emerges whose impacts are to be analized by skin experts and physician etc.

This may establish an interesting biothermodynamics to be applied and assess its relevance with respect to the events of tattoos and similar others. Perhaps further several divisions could dominate along with pleasure giving event out of human surface engineering.

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