Q-Link-Technology, Physics and Health Benefits

What integrated healthcare needs is new solutions – like Q-link. This exciting technology, endorsed by many medical and scientific institutions, is the result of over 15 years of research and development by leading scientists, engineers, and health care specialists.

Q-link uses technology called sympathetic resonance technology. This technology is a new branch of quantum physics. The Q-link acts like a tuning fork that helps your body’s energy system vibrate at just the right note.

The sympathetic resonance technology is engineered from a scientific field called subtle energy. We are now discovering how subtle energy refinement can make quantum electromagnetic, chemical and biological phenomena more efficient. The body always creates and sustains its own energy system. The system can be drained and interrupted by rival signals from other electromagnetic systems like computers, hairdryers etc.

When the body is exposed to this pitch, it synchronizes itself with the note. In this way, the body actually tunes itself to its perfect rhythm. The user simply hangs Q-link around his or her neck and is all the power source that is needed. Three main parts go into the Q-link.

The first thing is a resonating cell, endowed with sympathetic resonance technology, so that it will perpetually tune itself to the frequencies that sustain and enrich the human system. Secondly, there’s a tuning board, which houses the cell and keeps any interference from mingling with it. Lastly, there’s a copper coil that directs the energy within the field. It functions by creating a second field that will block out extraneous wavelengths.

Bracelets and pendants as well as nutrition all use this form of technology. Q-trition is a nutritional supplement that has been carefully balanced. It is a food complex that has been enhanced with sympathetic resonance technology. Overall health can improve naturally by someone who wears a Qlink bracelet. Improved focus and concentration, improved immune response, better stamina and physical performance, improved energetic balance, and decreased fatigue are the main benefits included.

This pendant is an advanced and unique piece of jewelry that can help your body function better in a more balanced manner. The Q in the Q-link refers to Quantum, because the pendant actually uses science and nature as a basis to reduce stress and to bring your body and mind into harmony.

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