Physics Science Fair Projects and Ideas

Physics science fair projects are based on the study of matter and energy and focus on understanding electricity, energy, gravity, machines, magnets, and how certain materials change and combine. Studying these topics will give us a better understanding of how the world and the universe around us work. There are many different projects that can be done about physics because physics covers a very broad range of subjects.

There are still many aspects of our world and our universe that we don’t completely understand, so thinking of a topic for your project is just a matter of thinking of a question you have about our world; whether it be wondering how electricity works, or energy, or studying gravity. Maybe you are interested in machines and how they work, or how magnets work. If magnets interest you, a good science fair project might be to see if magnetic bracelets and necklaces can really help with pain in your body. Some people believe they help with headaches, joint pain or back pain. You could do some research and see how effective they really are.

Another good physics project would be to see which method will cool a soda the quickest from room temperature. For this project you will need a digital thermometer, water, ice, a refrigerator, four cans of soda, a timer, plastic wrap and two Styrofoam coolers. You will then need to make a water bath and an ice water bath and then check the temperature of the soda before you start. Next, place one soda in the fridge, one in the freezer, one in the ice bath and one in the ice water bath and continuously check their temperatures to see which method cools the soda the quickest.

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