Pest Control Research Scarier Than Science Fiction

Recent scientific studies in the world of entomology are straight out of bad science fiction movies. Science is now playing Destroyer and Creator all in the name of ‘progress’. Although the goal of controlling pests is admirable, the ends do not justify the means. Green Living, this is not.

Much of the research centers around genes. Scientists are taking RNA and DNA of pests and injecting changes. In some cases, they are injecting other creature’s DNA into identified pests to create new, unnatural species. Or it may be an injection of synthetic material which creates off the charts unnatural species. This action is completely anti-green!

Scientists from the USDA have been working on fire ants. Before we continue, let’s state that no one is a fan of fire ants. If they were no longer around, it would be a good thing. BUT, the ends do not justify the means.

The genes responsible for fire ants ability to communicate where food is located have been identified. Scientists are now altering the RNA of these genes so that fire ants will not be able to communicate the location of a trail for food. So these ants now have mutilated RNA that has been replaced with something Nature would never produce. Frankenstein Ants. So what?

Well, Pandora’s Box has now been opened. If these Frankenstein Ants are introduced into the fire ant population, they will cross breed. These species-altering changes will be inherent in the offspring. So these mutant ants won’t be able to communicate about food sources and will slowly die out. The entire foundation of fire ant survival – communication to food sources – will collapse.

If all you want to do is get rid of fire ants, that sounds like a good way to do it. Or does it?

It isn’t. Think back to elementary school when you learned about the food chain and the interconnectedness of all species. Remember the Balance of Nature where all species have a role? If Big Smart ‘Man’ gets involved and begins playing God, creating new species and rendering other species incapable, what does that do to the balance? Well, nobody really knows. And if the outcome is bad, it could be very, very bad. Like Armageddon bad.

That is because the food chain doesn’t play games. There are creatures who feed off of fire ants and by ingesting them, they also ingest these freakish RNA strands. If these communication blockers start to infiltrate other species, life itself becomes a house of cards. Up the entire food chain…

The real question is, why research these science fiction solutions to control pests when safe, natural solutions work just fine? Nature provides solutions and Man needs to remember that. Green Living demands it.

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