Everything’s Going To Be All Light

Never underestimate the power of love. Never underestimate the power of truth. Never, ever underestimate your personal power to change your life and your world.

The title of this article comes from a book I wrote with the same name. The book is part of a series of books called “Stories for Awakened Awareness.” These messages in children’s book format help to comprise a body of work that I’ve been creating for over ten years.

I’d like to present the message in a different format here. It’s important to know the truth in this message now more than ever. There are so many rapid changes occurring, and so many suffering from ill health, financial loss, having the rug pulled out from under their feet, and taking the blinders off and accepting harsh truths about corruption, greed, and control motivated “leaders”-it’s mind boggling. It has also caused discouragement, sadness, and depression for many.

This is a message of hope. This is a message of truth. The message is inspired by love. There is a deeper part of ourselves that can be activated right now by reading or listening to the energy behind this message. So, please, listen with your heart to receive the full benefit.

If you worry or experience emotional or physical pain, stop, look, and listen inside your heart. Unfathomable resources are accessible. I call the infinite intelligence and Source of Being within God, but you can call it anything you like. It’s really unnamable, indescribable, and infinite, so attempts to define it does not do it justice and has been the cause of disputes for eons. Forget the name. It’s where energy comes from.

Everything is energy. Life is energy. We are life. When we direct our attention to our center with love, we tap into the unlimited energy of the whole universe. I’m not trying to push a theory. I don’t do that. I’m only presenting information that can be tested and proven to yourself. If it resonates with you and it helps in some way, then that would be wonderful.

The bottom line is this: everything has a purpose. We have the perceptive ability to understand the purpose of all energy. When things don’t go the way I think they should in life, I do what I call a “perception adjustment.” I look to see the purpose. By taking a higher perspective and taking many points of view, and asking the infinite intelligence inside, I begin to understand. You can contemplate anything with an intent to understand its purpose. There IS order in the universe. This can hardly be denied.

From this perspective and from much inquiry, I have ascertained that everything is all light. Consciousness, thought, information, truth, and matter are all light. When we come to understand how life works, everything will be all right. We will understand that the higher power of God, our true Source of Being, is undergoing a shift that will mold us into empowered beings of light that can create a Heaven on Earth.

If this sounds preposterous or too idealistic, begin studying quantum physics. Research consciousness. Apply principles of truth and universal law to prove to yourself how powerful you are. You are backed by power. You come from power.

No need to waste time wallowing in the past, or worrying about what was and is no longer. Discover your inner technologies. Put them to work. Change your thinking. Lift your spirits. Raise your vibration. Choose positive feelings.

The quickest way to get out of your troubles is to look to someone else you can help. Give of yourself. Lend a hand. The more you give and the more you are grateful, the more you will realize how abundant life is naturally.

Don’t become attached or try to hang on to things that are passing out of your life. Let go of grief and emotions by feeling them and letting them go through the natural process. Don’t deny them. Don’t try to analyze or give them too much rationalization or attention, either. Allow, accept, acknowledge, let go. Let life flow. It is changing on its own.

Try being more of a neutral witness to life. Take action when it feels inspired. The Spirit of Life runs through every one of us and it is coming into balance. It may feel uncomfortable during the time of adjustment to many changes. Regardless of what may seem to be happening, positive changes are afoot.

Process all energy with love. Love yourself. Love your feelings. Love others. Love things that you don’t like. This is alchemy. Giving loving attention to the energy of anything or anyone changes it for the better. It all turns to the light of information.

Everything’s going to be all light. You are an eternal being of light. Your awareness is going through great shifts and changes. Who you thought you were is only a fraction of the greatness that you truly are. You have much light to shine in our world and in this time of revelations and insights-the emergence of our inner light-we are discovering our gifts to give to the world. The world needs your light, your gifts, and your presence. Thank you for being here. Keep your chin up.

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