Enlightening Your Physical Environment: Where Art Thou?

Colorful art, pictures, posters, photos and other items create an energy and a tone all their own. Choose subjects and examples that suit the tenor of the space and display them judiciously, but fearlessly. If a particular piece speaks to you, it doesn’t matter if it’s high art or high camp – give it the spotlight it deserves and tell the critics to take a hike! Below are some other examples to get your creative juices flowing. 1. Freestanding screens can be a versatile and useful way to bring a bit of beauty into a space. Whether they are composed of hand-carved figures worked in fine wood, woven panels of rush matting on a twig armature or painted fabric or paper scrolls strung on bamboo frames, portable screens can serve as both art and as utilitarian devices for hiding away a less than spectacular view, unsightly messes or unattractive gear. Available in an affordability range from free do-it-yourself pieces to staggeringly priced works of original signed art, screens are the ultimate in chic, well-designed practicality. 2. Whether created yourself or purchased from an artisan, hanging art such as mobiles, chimes and other pendant pieces can provide a stunning vacation for the eyes and the mind without taking up valuable wall space in tight places. Find or create one to match the scale and purpose of the room and hang it where the light will catch it and reflect it’s natural glory and where the breeze will turn it and swing it about, to bring the energy of movement to your life. 3. Create a collage of wishes and wants, arrayed in bright colors and creative designs. Cut out pictures from magazines and books, postcards, screensaver printouts and photos – whatever calls to you and represents your truest desires. Put it up where you can see it to remind yourself of everything that’s coming your way. 4. Set up a creativity corner where you can do your own artwork – purchase scrapbooking supplies and rubber stamps if that’s your thing, or indulge in a nice set of oils and brushes if traditional painting is more your style. Whatever works for you, set it out where you won’t forget it and make a point to engage in spontaneous art just for the heck of it at least once a week. 5. Posters, prints, photos and other representational art are also good choices for spicing up or cooling down a room, depending on their subject matter. Whether you choose it for the content, the artist or even just for the color is unimportant – as long as it makes you feel good to see it, it’s a go. Art for art’s sake is one of the best ways to ensure that the space you’re spending time in is worth the life energy you will trade in exchange. A dull, dreary place will cost more in terms of lost hours than twice as much time spent in a place of refreshment and joy. Life is too short to spend it bereft of art.

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