Ancient I-Ching Compared to Quantum Physics

Ancient I-Ching – Quantum Physics

The meanings of the I-Ching Book of Change, is not easy you grasp.

The Chinese mind seems to be exclusively preoccupied with the chance aspects of events.

Their chief concern is what we call coincidence. Our scientific theoretical considerations of cause and effect looks pale compared to the practical results of chance.

We say that the crystal quartz is a hexagonal prism and this is true for the ideal crystal visualized. But in nature there are no two crystals alike. Although they are all hexagonal.

Chinese thought is more interested in the actual form that the ideal form.

The Chines I-Ching is more interested in the moment under actual observation than a chain of cause and event occurrences.

The new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that our reality and all reality is defined by the moment of it's observation, NOW! Reality changes instantly and continuously, we had it in place by observing it, NOW!

This helps explain the I-Ching point of view of observation of an event.

They are not so much interested in why the event happened successfully, but more in the event itself.

The I-Ching picture the moment encompasses the ALL of the Quantum Ocean.

The inventor of the I-Ching was convinced that the hexagon world was an exact indicator of the essential situations prevailing in a person's life at the moment of the casting the course of the yarrow sticks.

The I-Ching takes in SYNCHRONICITY, which takes in coincidence of events in time and space which means more than mere chance.

The I-Ching reading is a peculiar interdependence of objective events combined wight eh subjective state of the observer.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us the same thing. What we observe or expect to observe, becomes the event.

The ancient Chinese contemplated the Universe the same as the modern day Quantum Physics scientists.

The physical event includes the observer. Monotonicity deals with the coincidence of events. How does several vent appear in the same moment? Because the physical event is the same quality as the psychic event of the observer.

They both exist at the same time in the NOW.

The telling of the hexagon amounts to a true reading of the psychic condition of the observer of the coins or yarrow sticks. For at the time they are the same.

The I-Ching takes into account the hidden individual quality in things, all men and one's own consciousness, because they all exist in the Now of the All.

The I-Ching insists upon self-knowledge throughout. The I-Ching is one of the most important tools in the world. It's origin goes back to mythical antiquity.

The Laws of Quantum Physics, which is a gift of the Age of Aquarius, is just now being understood by scholars and physicists.

The Age of Aquarius, which has birthed the new paradigm of the laws of Quantum Physics, will be with us for the next 1950 years. Until the new paradigm will be presented to man to help him understand reality and his comings and goings.

Some of the Laws of Quantum Physics will reach critical mass and become part of the consciousness of western man and as the I-Ching is part of the consciousness of the Chinese mind.

To leave you with an over simplified definition of the Laws of Quantum Physics, I have only my abstraction or understanding of them.

"There exists an infinite Ocean of Thinking, Intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean.

"There is no time nor space there, only the 'here-now."

"Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there."

"Reality is an infinite, timeless, space less point, where everything exists in the here-now. We live move and have our being in this infinite point."

This is my definition of the Mind of God. Therefore we live move and have our being in the Mind of God.

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